May 21, 2007


ShawChicago's mission is to present the plays of George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries. During the past thirteen seasons we have produced all of Shaw's major plays except SAINT JOAN, and that masterpiece is on our schedule for the near future. Since we are so near the completion of Shaw's canon, I feel it is time to put the spotlight on the work of some of his contemporaries, particularly playwrights that he greatly admired.

The theme of our 2007 - 2008 season is GETTING MARRIED: Before, During and After. To "hold the mirror up to nature", so to speak, regarding that great institution, I have chosen three plays that explore the consequences of decision to tie the matrimonial knot.

We open the season in November with Bernard Shaw's 1908 comedy, GETTING MARRIED, in which the action takes place on the fateful day, when second thoughts are most rampant.

In January, 2008, we explore the 'before' aspect of marriage with St. John (pronounced "Sinjin") Hankin's 1905 play, THE CASSILIS ENGAGEMENT.
And then in April we conclude this trio of matrimonial entanglements with James Barrie's delightful WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS (1908).the 'after' segment.We hope you'll join us in this matrimonial romp with Bernard Shaw and two of his most admired and respected contemporaries.

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Robert Scogin
Artistic Director
ShawChicago Theater Company


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